Red Cross Donation

May 05, 2016 1 min read

Like so many others, we have been watching the news unfold in Fort Mcmurray with heavy hearts and a feeling of helplessness. We can't fathom how heartbreaking and frightening it would be to place ourselves in the shoes of our Northern neighbors feeling their homes while fire literally rained down. We weren't sure how we could help, but we knew we needed to do something, so we decided early yesterday morning that at the very least we would pledge the profits of our online sales from May 4th to help the Red Cross efforts happening there. With the help of our awesome customers we were able to donate $802.90! 

Mammoth Beard Co. Red Cross donation

This of course is just a pin drop of what this community will need in the upcoming months and years, so we would like encourage anyone that is capable to donate directly to the Red Cross

To our brothers and sisters in Fort Mac, please know that we are thinking of you, and we will continue to do what we can to help you rebuild.

L & L


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