November 16, 2022 2 min read

2022 Holiday Beard Gift Guide - Under $50


The Christmas Box

You can't go wrong with a cheer-filled box of holiday-inspired beard oils. This festive box comes with four exclusive Christmas scents (Candycane, Christmas Morning, Tree Farm, and Gingerbread). Like all of our blends, all four scents are created with 100% natural essential oils & absolutes.

Mammoth Christmas beard box

Beard Oils & Balms

$27.99 - $49.99
We offer various balms and beard oils in different scent profiles, so there's something for every palate! Not sure what to choose? Our Argan beard oil line is a favourite for larger beards. The Hazelnut & Hemp line is a lighter beard oil perfect for shorter beards. Regular hold balms are great for deep moisture. Heavy Hold Balms are designed to keep wiry flyaways under control.

Beard Oils and Balms

Mammoth T-Shirt

$29.99 - $39.99
If you're looking for something a little more original, we suggest checking out our tees. Designed and printed right here in Canada, Mammoth tee's are all original prints that T-shirt collectors love.

Mamoth Apparel

Super Soft leave-In Conditioning Cream

Shopping for someone whose beard resembles an SOS pad? Might we suggest our super popular Super Soft Leave-In Conditioner Cream? We know it's a mouthful, but it deserves every word! This all-natural conditioner is a true game changer in your beard care routine. With daily use, it significantly softens coarse beard hair.

Super Soft leave-In Conditioner Cream

Wooden Folding Combs

Mammoth-branded wooden folding combs aregreat addition to any beard care routine. Unlike plastic, wooden combs do not product static when brushing and tend to glide easier through longer beards (reducing breakage). Our folding combs are handmade with wenge and walnut wood.

Mammoth Folding Comb

Mammoth Trucker Hats

$34.99 - $37.99
Who doesn't love a good trucker? They were hard to come by this year (thanks to some frustrating supply chain issues), so we're stoked to have them in stock for the season!

Mammoth Truckers Hats

Monster Beard Brush


Made with a mix of horse hair and synthetic nylon. This brush has longer, softer bristles than the Military brush and would be great for finer hair, or more sensitive skin. Recommended for medium to large beards.

Monster Beard Brush


Three Pack Kits

$34.99 - $39.99
Perfect as a gift, or for those wanting to try out a few different scents before buying a full bottle of oil. These kits include three 10 ml bottles of beard oil in either our Gentleman's Pack or our Adventurer's Pack.
Three pack beard oil kits


That's our wrap of Mammoth Gifts under $55! You can find our list of gifts and stocking stuffers under $25 here and our list of gifts over $75.00 here.

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