May 22, 2019 1 min read

The time has come once again for our all time favorite event of the year! Join us and the CFHC on Saturday May 25th at the Palomino Smokehouse for an evening of facial hair so top notch that it's been known to humble many who thought they had the most wizardly of facial locks. But this event is not just for the furry faced! It's a great time whether you've got a chin sweater of not! 

The goal this year is to raise enough money to buy the Ronald McDonald House of Southern Alberta fresh bedding for the entire house. There are raffle prizes from Legend 7 Brewing, Prairie Dog Brewing, Calgary Heritage Roasting Company, Thai Manna, AHEIA, Kent of Inglewood, The Palomino, and of course some sweet prize packs from yours truly!

Legend 7 is sponsoring the event this year which means every person who participates in the competition gets a Free Serpens Pilsner and a $5 Temptation IPA pint special. 

Check out the Alberta BMC page for more details! And join us for the pre-party at Bottlescrew Bills on Friday!


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