Hazelnut & Hemp Beard Conditioning Oil - The Devil's Reserve

Hazelnut & Hemp Beard Conditioning Oil - The Devil's Reserve

$24.99 CAD

An intoxicating brew of exotic champaca, sweet vanilla bourbon, and rich sandalwood. This is an ultra-smooth blend with a slightly spicy undertone that is so alluring one might think that it came from the Devil himself.

A premium beard oil, light enough for everyday use, full of essential fatty acids that strengthen and condition beard hair as well as the skin underneath. It's quickly absorbed, leaves a non-greasy shine, and has astringent qualities that help to combat breakouts under your furry face while preventing dry flaky skin. 

Our beard oil comes in glass amber bottles in order to keep light out of the product, which can turn oils rancid quickly. We pioneered the use of pump tops instead of glass droppers so that you don't have to worry about spilling an open bottle of oil. The pump top also ensures that the oil meets as little oxygen as a possible which helps to extend the overall shelf life.

Ingredients: Hazelnut oil, Jojoba oil, Camellia seed oil, Hemp seed oil, Vitamin e, Essential Oil blend.


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