SUMMER DAZE - Limited Edition Argan Beard Oil

  • 30ml

    Limited Edition / Summer 2021

    We wanted to reflect on the type of summer we're gearing up for so we made this one really fun and a little weird (just how we like most things!) Inspired by hot patios and cold IPA's, SUMMER DAZE has notes of pink grapefruit, vetivert, cistus, and pine. It's a fresh, balsamic, tart scent with a slightly earthy undertone.


    Our Argan Beard Conditioning Oil is exceptionally restorative, nourishing and moisturizing. It has a thicker consistency than our original beard oil and we have found that a little goes a very long way. If you live in a harsh climate, or you're experiencing beard dandruff, dry/itchy skin, irritated follicles, or dry brittle hair, this oil is for you. If you don't have any of those worries but just want your beard to look shiny and heroic, this oil is also for you.

    Our beard oil comes in glass amber bottles to keep light out of the product, which can quickly turn oils rancid. We pioneered the use of pump tops instead of glass droppers so that you don't have to worry about spilling an open bottle of oil. The pump top also ensures that the oil meets as little oxygen as possible which helps to extend the overall shelf life.


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