Questions about the Product

We know what a well maintained beard can do for a man. Beards are exposed to the elements every day, and beard oils and balms helps to nourish and protect facial hair and the skin underneath thereby allowing beard hair to grow in healthy and with little irritation. Issues like dandruff, acne, and ingrown hairs are greatly reduced, while issues like a heroic looking beard and panties dropping are greatly increased.  

Both oils are moisturizing and help to condition and strengthen facial hair and the skin on your chin as well as encourage healthy hair growth, and leave you with a non-greasy shine. So which one to choose? We usually recommend our Argan base for people with larger beards, or sensitive skin. It's a little bit heavier and absorbs a little slower (great things take time, friends). A little goes a long way, so if your beard feels greasy you're using too much! Our Hazelnut & Hemp base is also great for longer beards, but people with shorter beards or scruff tend to like the fact that it's a lighter oil that absorbs quicker. It's astringent properties also make it great for people prone to breakouts under their beard. 

Best applied first thing in the morning to a clean beard. Pump a few squirts into the palm of your hand (more or less depending on the length of your beard, rub your hands together and work oil through the length of your beard, from roots to tips. If you have dry spots, massage a little oil into the skin. If your beard is particularly dry you may want to repeat the process once more in the evening. 

Scrape a small amount of beard balm out with your finger nail (amount will vary depending on the length of your beard). Warm the balm by rubbing between your hands and then proceed to work it through your beard from roots to tips.

Our packaging plays an integral role in the shelf life of our beard oil. Our use of a treatment pump instead of the popular glass dropper doesn't just help you avoid spilling an open bottle of oil, it also ensures that your brew meets as little oxygen as a possible thereby reducing the chance of your oil turning rancid quickly. Under normal storage conditions our Argan Beard Conditioning Oil will last up to two years, and our Hazelnut and Hemp will last 12 months. Our Beard Balm and conditioner will last 10 - 12 months, and our moustcahe wax will last for as long as your moustache does!

Short answer: Canadian labeling laws!

Long answer: Our unique scents are one of the things that make our brews so awesome. We like to keep our blends close to our hearts and away from our copycats so by law we either have to state all essential oils OR list parfume in their place.

Shipping Questions

Orders ship one to two days from date of purchase.