Combs and other Grooming Goods

Take care of the fur on your face with our collection of high quality Kent brushes, handmade combs, and top of the line scissors.
Monster Beard Brush $44.99 CAD $49.99 CAD
Walnut Comb $26.99 CAD $29.99 CAD

Kent Beard and Moustache Comb $10.79 CAD $11.99 CAD
Kent Folding Comb $20.69 CAD $22.99 CAD
Kent Beard Brush $35.99 CAD $39.99 CAD

Kent Boars Hair Brush $53.99 CAD $59.99 CAD
Straight Razor Folding Beard Comb $40.49 CAD $44.99 CAD
Walnut Keychain Comb $15.29 CAD $16.99 CAD