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  • Sex & Cigars Cologne

    • Indulge in the scent of victory with Mammoth Beard's Sex & Cigars Cologne. This cologne captivates with rich tobacco, fresh herbal aromatics, and warm, inviting notes of vanilla. Hand-crafted in small batches, it exudes confidence with every spritz. Experience this unforgettable, aphrodisiac-infused scent.

    Customer Reviews

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    Grant Collings
    This needs more stars it’s an eleven at least

    What a fantastic scent rich dark subtle and sexy
    I use quite a few of the mammoth products to keep my beard and moustache soft and smelling great and also under control and now to add to that a cologne to top it all off

    I first purchased the sex and cigars moustache wax and fell in love with the smell my wife has a very sensitive sniffer and non of the mammoth products so far had set her off and this was no different so I went ahead and orders the balm and the cologne

    Wearing all three together makes you smell amazing and feel it

    You get a good four to five hours of scent out of three sprays and I would pay some very good money for a eau de parfum to have if last all day
    One of my favourite scents I own to date

    And to top it all off the bottle looks amazing really stands out on your shelf and begs you to wear it

    If you want to feel like you’re riding into battle on a winged horse covered in gold armour buy it and wear it

    And please buy the big one you will thank yourself


    Amazing product hope they carry it forever!

    Fantastic company

    Exceptional customer service received the cologne in a few days got a handwritten thank you card which let's be honest never happens. Fantastic fragrance no complaints here. Will definitely be ordering in the future and be a continued customer. Keep up the great work


    Great smell , get that ah what is that your wearing smells nice …

    Can't Get Enough Sex & Cigars

    I love the Sex & Cigars beard oil and balm, so figured I would try the cologne. Very nice option for those days when using the Super Super Leave-In Conditioner but still wanting a scent.