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  • Argan Beard Oil - Cedar & Mint | Mammoth Beard Co.

    • Discover the crisp and refreshing aroma of our Cedar & Mint Argan Beard Oil. Evocative of a day spent on snow-swept mountain peaks, this invigorating blend features a fresh, minty aroma with woodsy undertones and a hint of sweet vanilla. It's perfect for those seeking a fresh, natural scent.

      Our Argan Beard Conditioning Oil is meticulously formulated to be exceptionally restorative, nourishing, and moisturizing. Made with all-natural ingredients and formulated for those living in harsh climates, it effectively combats beard dandruff, dry and itchy skin, irritated follicles, and dry, brittle beard hair.

      Key Benefits:

      • Restorative and Nourishing: Rich in natural hair-loving oils known to be deeply moisturizing. Reduces beard itch and promotes healthy beard growth.
      • Ideal for Harsh Climates: Protects against dry and itchy skin, dandruff, and brittle hair.
      • Increases Beard Hair Health: Our Argan Beard Oil is rich in naturally occurring vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which deeply moisturize and repair hair, promoting smoother, stronger, healthier hair.

      Our beard oil is packaged in glass amber bottles to protect the product from light, which can cause oils to turn rancid. We have pioneered using pump tops instead of glass droppers to prevent spills and minimize exposure to oxygen, thus extending the oil's shelf life.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews

    Having used a list of different beard and mustache products, I can honestly say that Mammoth Beard actually has the products that do what they say they are suppose to do.
    The beard oils aren't greasy nor as oily as other products tend to be, meaning a little goes a long way.
    And as for the scent, I am generally not a fan of smelly products, but their scented beard oils actually fade away and aren't invasive as many other products tend to be.
    Highly, highly recommend this company.
    I know I'll be ordering more from here.

    Gilles Levesque
    Not Rated the best!

    If you do a google searching for best beard oils, like I have done in the past, companies like Mammoth Beard CO. are rarely on them. I think there is a good reason; they don't want to test it against others!!! I have been using this beard oil, conditioner, soaps, combs and candles and also introduces others to it and by a large margin this is the best I have used. I have tried no less than 10 or so of the other brands over the years, some very well known and others just highly rated by these reviewing sites. Nothing compares to this company's products. As it is listed in their ingredients page, you are not buying fillers and chemicals, but what proves that, is the results. Whiskers and skin are always treated in luxury. Their fragrances, never overpowering but always noticeable are very good and always consistant. We use beard oils for a reason, and this stuff does what it says" period" Thank You Lee and Lindsay

    Best beard Oil

    Easily one the best beard oils I've come across.
    It does exactly what its suppose to do, which is hydrate and soften beard hair.
    1000% will be ordering this product for the foreseeable future.


    Great gift!

    Inviting Scent

    I’ve used this oil for a few years. The oil is great and keeps my beard smooth for most of the day (reapply after work if you want). This is a scent for all settings. It wont disappoint.