Beard Balm and Conditioner - Coconut Cove

  • 51 g

    Like a tropical vacation in a bottle, Coconut Cove has notes of coconut, lime, bay, and benzoin that come together to create this beachy scent that evokes memories of sun-soaked days spent relaxing on the sandy shores.

    Our premium combination of argan and jojoba oils with unrefined shea butter make this balm an exceptional beard moisturizer, repairing dry damaged hair and preventing flakes and irritation. The addition of unbleached beeswax makes this balm great for longer unruly beards that need a little extra control and also adds an extra layer of protection from the elements. Fantastic for mammoth beards!

    Please note: in rare cases argan oil can cause reactions in people with very severe nut allergies.


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