Beard Balm and Conditioner - Rocky Mountain Pioneer

  • Scrape a small amount of beard balm out with your fingernail (amount will vary depending on the length of your beard). Warm the balm by rubbing between your hands and then proceed to work it through your beard from roots to tips.

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Vicks Vaporub

I tried this scent after they discontinued Devil's reserve. Trying to find a new scent that I could use from then on.

Unfortunately this scent doesn't even come close to the quality of smell. I feel like whatever scent they used to capture either the leather or the fire ended smelling like vicks vaporub to me. It's not terrible, but it's a lot more offensive than Devil's reserve. I don't think this will be a second buy for me. I don't get any hints of leather or campfire, something closer to vanilla scented vicks?

The oil and restorative features of the balm however are on par with all the others. Fantastic moisturization and hold on the beard. The brand is definitely my favorite. But again, I'll be skipping this one next time.

Leather, wood & smoke--a perfect combination!

Leather, wood & smoke--a perfect combination! I do find that the balm has a stronger scent of the beeswax (smells like honey) & less of the pure aroma found in the oil. When paired with the oil, this is truly an intoxicating scent that I find lasts all day and I never grow tired of. If I could only choose one product from Mammoth's line, this would be it.

How sweet it is!

This balm is step 3 of my daily beard happiness program. It follows step 1 - the Super Soft Leave-in Beard Conditioner Cream and step 2 - the Rocky Mtn. Pioneer Argan Beard oil. To me this balm is the perfect texture, hold and fragrance. How sweet it is indeed.

A gift from the north country!

My nephew in Calgary saw the beard I’ve been growing since the stay home orders were given here in Denver and sent me a can of your beard balm. It’s changed my entire outlook on life, and as a bonus, makes my beard, scruffy as it is, look much better. Thanks to all of you!

Really nice beard balm!

this beard balm works very well, and I love this scent and apparently so do the ladies in our office.

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