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    Hazelnut & Hemp Six Pack Kit

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    Not sure which scent to choose? Try all six Mammoth scents with our Six Pack Tester Kit in our Hazelnut & Hemp blend.

    Each kit comes in a burlap bag with a set of six 10ml bottles in Original Cedarwood, Cedar & Mint, Tobacco & Rosewood, Imperial Spice, Rocky Mountain Pioneer, and Sex & Cigars. The perfect gift or travel pack.

    Customer Reviews

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    What To Buy When You Just Can't Choose

    My first foray into beard oils made it impossible to pick just one as I wanted to try them all. This 6-pack tester (I got the Hazelnut & Hemp line) is perfect for the indecisive soul like myself. My favourite is The Devil's Reserve followed closely by Tobacco & Rosewood, Sex & Cigars and Rocky Mountain Pioneer fall somewhere in the middle, while my least favourite is Cedarwood (although, strangely, I like the Cedarwood & Mint?!) but of course everyone's tastes are different. I use about 6 drops per application. The oils themselves absorb quickly and aren't "oily" or greasy, which is nice, as no one wants to have clothing stains or that gross feeling on your hands every time you touch your face throughout the day. I would absolutely buy again!

    Great Stuff

    First time ordering from here. Out of the 6 the only one I did not like was the mint. But love the rest. Will definitely order again

    Nick Herigstad

    So I placed my order about a week ago give or take, and I received it last night (which was awesome cuz I wasn't expecting it for a few more days, as I live in Colorado), and was able to give her a try this morning. At first I was a little bummed and worried cuz I couldn't smell the oil (I picked the Sex & Cigars to get the ball rolling) when I first put it on... But then bout halfway thru my drive in to work it started to hit me and I was like WHOA!!!! It really is quite pleasant lol. Definitely a little on the subtle side but still awesome! I picked up the 6-pack tester kit in the Hazelnut/Hemp base along with the Unscented Heavy Hold balm, and GOOD GAWD is my mane soft!!!! Been getting looks cuz I've been petting it.... Probably should cut back on that while I'm at work lol... It was a little pricey, but for folks looking into trying something new I saw there's a pretty badass sale going on right now, so HOP ON IT!!!! Also super awesome that there's a handwritten 'Thank you for trying us out' deal on the invoice. My wife and I love the personal touch!!! And she stole my sticker lmao!!! I am super excited to try out the other 5 now lol

    Get what you pay for

    Some may balk at the price of this tester kit, it is well worth the price. With six different scents, this kit was able to give my husband an idea of what scents he likes so we can purchase more in the future. The bottles are big enough for you to not only test, but to use for a few months. Bought for a Fathers Day gift, have tried only 4 of 6 because he fell in love with the Devil’s Reserve and forgot he had 5 other bottles yet to try. Then, one after another, he has been enjoying them all. As have I! While this is a great starter kit for those still figuring out what they like, we will likely buy this kit again so my husband can restock all the scents again.

    Happy with purchase

    Product shipped quickly and was nicely packaged.
    I enjoy all the scents and am happy with my purchase!