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  • Premium Moustache Wax | Mammoth Beard Co.

    • Achieve the perfect style with our firm-hold Moustache Wax. This premium wax is designed to provide a strong, long-lasting hold, making it easy to shape and style your moustache with precision. Enriched with natural ingredients, it not only holds your style but also nourishes and conditions your facial hair. Keeps yer whiskers out of your mouth!

      Key Features:

      • Strong Hold: Keeps your moustache where you want it (not in your mouth)
      • Natural Ingredients: Made with high-quality, natural ingredients that condition and nourish your facial hair.
      • Easy Application: Like all good moustache waxes, it requires a little bit of work to warm up and apply but has a smooth texture for easy application.
      • Subtle Scent: Lightly scented (or not!) to leave your moustache smelling fresh.

      Perfect for both everyday use and special occasions, our Moustache Wax ensures your moustache looks its best.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 42 reviews

    I've never used Moustache wax before (never had facial hair before).. so when I started growing some in, I wanted to get a handle bar moustache.
    I read the reviews on this product, and the one that sold it for me was a review by a fireman. I knew it would be good.

    I've been using it almost everyday now for the last 2 weeks.. I keep getting compliments on the moustache. The wax holds extremely well all day, through different activities and weather conditions. Even though it's unscented, it does have a noticeable scent of wood, leather, and maybe tobacco? Either way, it's a nice scent, and it really only has the scent when you first put it on.

    Great product overall, I will be buying more.

    Finally a wax that doesn't smell

    Its not easy looking for a mustache wax without scent....yet Mammoth seems to be one of the few that understand that not everyone wants a scent under your nose.

    William Zacharias
    Tobacco and Rosewood

    Great product plus fast shipping. Can't ask for more then that

    Moustache wax

    Very easy to use and lasts all day. A little goes a long way.


    I ordered 2 by mistake and I’m actually really glad I did. The stuff is amazing, holds well, has a subtle but really nice smell. I’m super happy with it