September 29, 2023 2 min read

Popular 2023 Beard Styles in Canada

Beard styles evolve over time, vary from region to region, and are heavily influenced by various factors, including fashion trends, cultural influences, and individual preferences. In this post we'll explore some popular Canadian beard styles making waves across the Great White North in 2023.

The Lumberjack Beard:

Canada's rugged wilderness inspires this timeless style. The lumberjack beard is characterized by its fullness, length, and natural look. It's a beard that exudes confidence and masculinity. To maintain this style, regular trimming and grooming are essential to prevent it from becoming overly unruly.

Lumberjack beard

The Classic Stubble:

Simplicity never goes out of style, and the classic stubble beard proves it. This low-maintenance option offers a rugged yet well-groomed appearance. It's perfect for those who prefer a laid-back look without the commitment of a full beard.

Classic Stubble Beard

The Corporate Beard:

Beards aren't just for lumberjacks and outdoorsmen but also popular among modern professionals. The corporate beard involves a well-trimmed, medium-length beard and is often paired with a sharp haircut, it's a look that can take you from the boardroom to a high-end cocktail bar with ease.

Corporate Beard

The Hipster Beard:

Many urban centers like Toronto and Vancouver have embraced the hipster beard with open arms. This beard style combines a well-maintained beard with carefully styled hair. Whether rocking a handlebar mustache or experimenting with unique shapes, the hipster beard is all about expressing your creativity.

Hipster Beard

The Designer Stubble:

If you're after a more polished appearance, the designer stubble is the way to go. This beard style requires precision trimming to maintain a uniform, short length. It's sleek, modern, and perfect for guys who want a neat yet casual look.

Designer Stubble Beard

Beards have come a long way in the world of men's grooming, and in 2023, Canadian men are embracing a wide range of styles. Whether you prefer the ruggedness of a lumberjack beard, the simplicity of classic stubble, the professionalism of a corporate beard, the creativity of a hipster beard, or the precision of designer stubble, there's a beard style for every taste and personality.

Remember that maintaining your beard is crucial, regardless of the style you choose. Regular grooming and trimming, along with the right products, will help you keep your beard looking its best. So, whether you're a lumberjack in the wilderness or a corporate professional in the city, your beard can be your ultimate style statement in 2023.

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