November 02, 2023 3 min read

Winter Beard Care for Active Outdoorsmen: Taming the Cold and Wind

Winter in Canada can be an exciting time for outdoor enthusiasts, with endless options for snowy outdoor adventures. Beards are more common during the cold winter months for their practicality. But the freezing temperatures and dry biting air can present a unique set of challenges for protecting your face scarf while it protects you! In this blog post, we'll guide you through some simple steps to ensure the cold winter weather won't wreak havoc on your beard and skin.


Embrace the Power of Conditioning

Winter air tends to be dry, especially if you live in the Canadian prairies, like we do. Dry air can zap the moisture from your beard, leaving it brittle and prone to breakage. Winter is the time to utilize products that add hydration and lock in moisture. Use a leave-in conditioner like Super Soft (especially great right out of the shower) to add hydration, and follow that up with a wax and shea butter based beard balm to lock it all in and add a layer of protection against the elements. Doing this daily will help keep your beard and the skin underneath healthy and supple and less susceptible to winter damage.


Mindful Washing

While it's essential to keep your beard clean, over-washing can strip away the natural oils that protect your hair. During the winter, limit your beard-washing routine to 2-3 times a week. Opt for a mild, sulphate-free beard shampoo like our Timber Beard & Body Wash or our Head-to-Toe Bar Soaps to cleanse your beard without over-drying it. After washing, follow up with Super Soft and beard balm.


Regular Trimming and Shaping

Trimming and shaping your beard is crucial year-round, but it's especially important during the winter. Regular grooming helps eliminate split ends and prevents your beard from becoming overly wild. Visit your favourite beard barber for shaping advice to maintain a clean, well-groomed appearance.


Stay Hydrated and Eat Well

All health comes from within. Winter beard care isn't just about the products you use; it also involves what you put into your body. Staying hydrated and eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals will promote healthy hair growth and a strong, resilient beard. Focus on foods high in biotin, like nuts and leafy greens, to boost your beard's health from the inside out.


Protective Gear for Extreme Conditions

If you're an active outdoorsman who regularly ventures out in extreme winter conditions, you probably already have some protective gear to shield your face from biting winds and frost. If you're new to outdoor winter activities, it's good to note that while your beard offers your face and neck protection from the elements, severe cold temperatures can cause breakage and leave your beard looking dry and dull. It's a good idea to cover up with a scarf or other protective gear to shield your facial hair from prolonged exposure to severe cold.


Winter beard care for active outdoorsmen is all about balancing grooming and protection. By following an easy routine that includes conditioning, regular trimming, and the use of beard balms, you can keep your beard healthy throughout the winter season. Remember to stay hydrated and eat well to nourish your beard from the inside, and consider investing in protective gear for extreme conditions. With these tips in mind, you can enjoy the winter wonderland without sacrificing your facial fuzz.

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