Beard & Moustache Championships: Category Details

The 7th Annual Alberta Beard & Moustache Competition is only a few weeks away! If you plan on joining us as a competitor, here are the details for each category. 

Event Details: Registration: 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM / Registration Fee: $15

Competition Begins: 6:00 PM

Entry Fees:

  • $15 per category



  1. Beard under 4": This category celebrates the artistry and grooming skills of individuals with shorter facial hair. Contestants with beards measuring under 4 inches in length will showcase precision grooming and styling techniques, emphasizing neatness and definition within a compact frame.

  2. Beard 4"-8": Participants in this category exhibit meticulously maintained facial hair ranging from 4 to 8 inches in length. With a balance between length and manageability, contestants will present well-groomed beards that highlight their dedication to cultivating a distinguished appearance.

  3. Beard Over 8"-12": For individuals who have dedicated time and effort to growing substantial facial hair, the Beard Over 8"-12" category showcases impressive beards spanning lengths from 8 to 12 inches. Contestants will demonstrate mastery in grooming and styling longer beards, emphasizing volume, shape, and overall presentation.

  4. Beard Over 12": This category is reserved for the boldest and most committed beard enthusiasts sporting facial hair exceeding 12 inches in length. Contestants will display majestic and awe-inspiring beards, demonstrating exceptional care and creativity in maintaining their magnificent lengths.

  5. Partial Beard: Creativity takes center stage in the Partial Beard category, where contestants showcase unconventional and artistic approaches to facial hair. From goatees to sideburns, contestants will present unique and imaginative designs that push the boundaries of traditional beard styles.

  6. Freestyle Beard: Unleash your creativity in the Freestyle Beard category, where contestants have the freedom to sculpt and style their facial hair into extraordinary works of art. From intricate braids to whimsical shapes, participants will captivate the audience with their innovative and imaginative beard designs.

  7. Freestyle Moustache: In this category, participants showcase their flair for facial hair with bold and expressive moustache designs. From handlebars to imperial styles, contestants will exhibit creativity and precision in shaping and styling their moustaches, earning admiration for their distinctive and charismatic looks.

  8. Build a Beard: This category invites participants to showcase their creativity and ingenuity by constructing unique facial hair creations using a variety of materials. From yarn to feathers, contestants will craft imaginative and whimsical beard designs that showcase their artistic vision and craftsmanship, transforming facial hair into wearable art.

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