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  • May 26, 2024 3 min read

    The 7th Annual Alberta Beard & Moustache Championhips | A Night to Remember

    Last night, we had the incredible honour of hosting the 7th Annual Alberta Beard and Moustache Championships alongside our friends at The Palomino Smokehouse, and we're excited to share that it was a great success! The event brought together beard and moustache enthusiasts from across the country, all competing for the coveted titles while supporting a great cause. This year, we once again partnered with The Safe Haven Foundation of Canada, a local charity dedicated to keeping homeless and at-risk girls safe, off the streets, and in school. We are thrilled to announce that we raised $1,277, and every penny will go directly to The Safe Haven Foundation.

    Highlights of the Evening

    The night was filled with camaraderie, laughter, and some truly magnificent facial hair. Contestants competed in various categories, showcasing their grooming skills and unique styles. The competition was fierce, from full beards to stylish moustaches, and the judges had a tough time selecting the winners.

    A Big Thank You

    We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated, attended, and supported this event. Your enthusiasm and generosity made this night possible. We also want to give a special shoutout to our volunteers, judges, and sponsors who contributed their time and resources. And a special thank you to our friend and event partner Arlen for once again being a great emcee.

    Meet the Winners

    We are excited to share the photos of the winners, who each brought something unique to the competition: (contestants; we want to make sure you are correctly credited so if you spot a mistake please let us know!)

    Full Natural Beard under 4": This category celebrates the artistry and grooming skills of individuals with shorter facial hair. Contestants with beards measuring under 4 inches in length showcased precision in grooming and styling techniques, emphasizing neatness and definition within a compact frame.

    Full Natural Beard Under 4"


    Natural Beard 4"- 8": Participants in this category exhibited meticulously maintained facial hair ranging from 4 to 8 inches in length. With a balance between length and manageability, contestants presented well-groomed beards that highlight their dedication to cultivating a distinguished appearance.

    Natural Beard 4" -8"


    Beard Over 12": The category is reserved for the boldest and most committed beard enthusiasts sporting facial hair exceeding 12 inches in length. Contestants displayed some awe-inspiring beards, and demonstrated exceptional care in maintaining their magnificent lengths.

    Full Beard Over 12"

    Freestyle Moustache: In this category, participants showcased their flair for facial hair with bold and expressive moustache designs. They showed creativity and precision in shaping and styling their moustaches, and earned admiration from all for their distinctive and charismatic looks.

    Freestyle Moustache


    Freestyle Beard: Contestants had the freedom to sculpt and style their facial hair into extraordinary works of art and captivated the audience with their precision and innovative and imaginative beard designs.

    Freestyle Beard

    Build a Beard: This category invited participants to showcase their creativity and ingenuity by constructing unique facial hair creations using a variety of materials. Contestants crafted their imaginative and whimsical beard designs that showcased their artistic vision and craftsmanship, transforming facial hair into wearable, living, and edible, art!

    Build A Beard


    Best in Show: This prestigious category crowned the overall champion of the night, recognizing the contestant who exemplified excellence in grooming, style, and presentation. The winner of Best in Show demonstrated exceptional skill and flair, embodying the pinnacle of beard and moustache craftsmanship with a standout look that captivated the judges and audience alike.

    Best in Show


    Darrell Crawford | Mammoth Pal and wise leader of Beard Team Canada.

    Sonrdra | The Beer Maven and connesiur of beards and beers.

    Mackenzie | Kent of Inglewood team member & expert on facial folliage.


    Medals & Best in Show Trophy:

    Our best pal Craig from FabShopyyc

    Drink Sponsor:

    88 Brewing

    Raffle Sponsors:

    Last Best Brewing & Distilling (with THE ultimate prize pack that everyone was hoping to win!)

    88 Brewing

    Palomino Smokehouse

    Beard Team Canada

    Supporting Safe Haven

    The Safe Haven Foundations mission to provide safe housing and support for at-risk young girls is crucial. The $1,277 raised from the event will help them continue their important work. If you would like to learn more about Safe Haven or make an additional donation, please visit their website at

    Looking Ahead

    We are already looking forward to next year's championships and making it even bigger and better. If you missed this year's event, make sure to mark your calendars for next year!

    Thank you once again for making the 7th Annual Alberta Beard and Moustache Championships a memorable night!

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