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We'd like to take a moment to introduce you to Lingo Luxe Bespoke out of Burlington Ontario. They are masters of customizable clothing and are here to chat suits!

The Bearded Man’s Guide to Owning the Perfect Suit

The discerning bearded man spends hours proudly grooming his glorious facial tresses. Why wouldn’t he spend equal time and dedication to the importance of owning the perfect suit? Long regarded as the rugged image of lumberjacks and Vikings, neatly coiffed beards have recently taken on a new persona. And there is no better pairing than an immaculate beard with an impeccable bespoke suit.

Adding style and quality to a man’s wardrobe is an investment. While the occasional basic is perfectly acceptable, the bearded man should be committed to the idea of adding investment pieces to his look. Just like his beard, when cared for, high quality fashion pieces will last a lifetime and remain classic in style. Also like a glorious, well groomed beard, suits have transitional properties that make them appropriate for many events and occasions.

Some may view suits as conformity, but they are often used to satisfy styling urges and express individuality. If you haven’t purchased a bespoke suit, likened to the little black dress for women, now is the time.

But first, let’s establish some basic suit guidelines.

Suits Are NOT One Size Fits All

A suit should always be carefully considered and created specifically for a man’s unique frame. Professional tailors pay close attention to the lines, curves, and edges of a man’s physique and precisely craft each component of the perfect suit to his body. The bespoke process is marked by exactness and expression of detail to ensure the best possible fit.

A Suit for Every Occasion

Without uttering a word, a suit, not unlike a beard, communicates a lot about a man. Whether an important job is on the horizon, an impression must be made on a first encounter, or upcoming wedding festivities command your attendance, there truly is a suit for every occasion.

Business Interview

Even with the best credentials and experience, presentation is critical. Wearing a hand tailored bespoke suit is the key to making a positive impression. A single-breasted suit with a two-button closure is best in black, grey, or navy. When paired with a white shirt and coordinating pocket square and cufflinks, this menswear will demonstrate attention to detail to a future employer.

Family Celebrations

Unlike bargain, off the rack suits that quickly become last year’s fashion trend, bespoke suits are timeless. Black, one button suits with a shorter jacket length is a go-to for family gatherings and celebrations. For more casual affairs, a crisp, white shirt left open at the neck is an appropriate look.

Wedding Season

Who doesn’t love wedding season? And every wedding has that uncle who shows up in an oversized, obnoxiously patterned suit with a disheveled beard. Don’t be that guy. Three-piece tailored designs or classic black tuxedos are the appropriate picks for weddings. Checks (Glen Checks or Plaids) or pinstripes are classic suit choices.

Formal Dinners

Making the best possible impression at formal dinners is easily attainable with a simple and sophisticated single-breasted bespoke suit. Pair with a solid black or black patterned tie for a super sleek look. Deep charcoal with a patterned pocket square can be worn for a refined and worldly look.

A Night on the Town

As casual wear, a suit made from temperature regulating fabrics, like merino wool, can be worn over a lightweight roll neck shirt or even layered with a plain zip neck sweater for a much less formal look. A sleek black on black on black approach pairs a black shirt or tee with a black suit jacket and trousers for the peak of casual sophistication.

Beards and Suits-The Perfect Union

A cheap, off the rack suit is the equivalent to an ill groomed, unkempt beard. No, to both! Do not risk your reputation with either malfeasance. Investing in both high quality beard oils and bespoke suits pays homage to the truly manliest of all men.



About Lingo Luxe

Proudly made in Canada, Lingo Luxe Bespoke brings luxurious fabrics and high quality construction to the realm of custom bespoke suits and shirts. The Lingo Luxe team grants clients a highly customizable offering of garments made from their choice of premium fabrics from an exclusive curated collection. Every detail can be chosen to create a truly unique and personal garment. The design team at Lingo Luxe believes that the bespoke experience is the ultimate in luxury clothing, measured not only by the tangible quality of materials and construction, but also by the level of service and guidance throughout every step of the process. “Inspired by tradition, motivated by innovation”

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