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  • June 21, 2022 2 min read

    What's the difference between beard balms and beard butter?


    Air. Yep, that's it!

    You've probably seen a multitude of beard butters and balms in your search for a product that works for you. Maybe you've noticed that the foundation ingredients in both balms and butters seem similar. So what's the difference, and which type will work best for your needs? Read on for a quick deep dive into the difference between beard butter and beard balm.

    Both beard balms and beard butters are made with a mixture of carrier oils, plant butters and waxes. These ingredients can vary, and butters might not always contain a wax. They're anhydrous mixtures, meaning there's no water involved. Balms are melted and poured into tins to cool, whereas butters are whipped while cooling to incorporate air and create a fluffy texture, and then they're piped into containers. So the difference is quite literally just air.

    Which one should you choose?

    It ultimately depends on your personal preference! Some people prefer beard butter because they like the texture and the ease of scooping the product from the tin or tub. Although, you might find that your butter deflates back into something resembling more of a balm when it encounters heat of any kind (in shipping or sitting in your warm bathroom for an extended period, for example). Some companies might use stabilizers to combat this problem, so make sure to read the ingredient lists!
    Another factor to consider is the amount of space extra air takes up in the container. We sell our beard balms in containers that fit 58g of product. If we were to whip our balms, we could stretch our bottom line by selling the consumer less product (more air = less actual ingredients) in the same sized tin (and label it in volume instead of weight). Of course, a company can also increase the size of their packaging to accommodate the extra air, so make sure you look into packaging size vs cost before making your decision!

    There's nothing inherently superior about either balm or butter; like all personal care products, it comes down to the quality of ingredients that make up the foundation of the product. With all that said, beard balms are, in our opinion, the better choice because they require less fuss when making and storing, and what you see is what you get (as in, you're not potentially paying extra for air!) A beard balm that includes wax as an ingredient will likely have a stronger hold than a butter that doesn't include wax. That said, it's a personal preference, and if you enjoy beard butter over a beard balm, that's great! There are many options online for you to choose from. If you're like us and prefer a beard balm check out our range of balms (in either original or heavy hold).

    If you're looking for a step up from beard balms check out our Super Soft Leave-In Beard Cream. It's a great addition to any beard care routine. It can be used on its own or in addition to your balms and oils!

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