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  • June 09, 2019 2 min read

    There’s so many beard products to choose from, and the selection can get confusing if you’re not intimately familiar with each type of product. We all have the same goal - to have an awesome beard - but everyone has their own definition of what an awesome beard looks like, and different beards require different care! With a little education, you should be able to choose which beard product is right for you.

    Beard Oil

    The liquid nature of beard oil makes it both easy to apply and fast absorbing, while the specific base oil used can offer a wide array of benefits depending on their chemistry.

    Oils with lighter bases like our Hazelnut & Hemp blend will absorb fast, nourishing the skin, preventing dandruff and strengthening the hair. Oils like this are excellent for everyday use because they won’t make your skin greasy. Lighter oils are also great for when you want a more natural matte look to your beard, or if you work around a lot of dust and dirt as stray particles won’t get stuck in your beard as easily.

    Heavier beard oils are better for fuller, longer wizard beards like Lee’s. Beards like this need heavy conditioning, and most of the oil ends up in the hair rather than on the skin. Our Argan based oils are thick and therefore go a long way, strengthening the hair to its core. Thicker oils are perfect for beards that are exposed to dry air and harsh wind on a regular basis. In our dry Albertan climate, Argan oil is a must.


    Beard Balm


    For many, beard balm is a cure-all product. While they give you the intense hydration that oils do, balms are fantastic at locking in moisture. Their beeswax content helps to create a moisture-barrier, but it also helps your beard to look tidier by taming stray, unruly hairs. In addition to giving you a better look, balms will protect your beard and face like a suit of armor, and are absolutely essential in the harsh winter months.

    At the end of the day, most beards have a few problems that need to be solved. It’s important to try a few different products in isolation to see what works and what doesn’t. At the end of the day, you will see the most benefits from using multiple products that address different needs, and oils and balms really work best in unison. Start by applying several drops of oil, massaging it throughout the beard and skin. Allow it to absorb while you go through your morning routine, then follow it up with the balm of your choice. The balm will lock in the moisture that the oil provides, and help you achieve a better presentation. Regular beard balm is suitable for many, but our strong hold beard balm is ideal for guys who want a more defined look, or have a difficult time taming their beards.

    Happy bearding!

    - Written by Nathan Gareau of Kent of Inglewood & Knifewear

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