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The 4 Steps of Good Beard Care.

Having a good beard does require some lucky genetics, but it really comes down to how you take care of it. Good maintenance can make a brand new beard look and feel fantastic, and certainly makes all the difference for a long, proud mane. By taking care of your beard you’re taking pride in yourself and your presentation. Once you get into a routine, you’ll probably find that your loved ones appreciate it too.

There’s a ton of products out there and plenty of myths about beard-care, so here’s the straight facts about managing for your beard.


1. Wash it!

We’ve all made the mistake once - you grab whatever shampoo is in the shower, lather it into your beard, and you end up with fried unruly facial hair. Shampoos for the hair are far too harsh for your face. Beard hair is more wiry than head hair, and the skin of your face requires more careful treatment.

Washing your beard with an appropriate product will greatly reduce dry, flaking skin, and keep your hair softer and more manageable.

Both our Timber Beard Wash and Big Rock Beer Soaps are excellent solutions that will cleanse the skin and hair without drying it out. Choose your format and get to work! Most beards only need a deep clean a few times a week so that you don’t remove necessary oils from them, so use your beard wash every 2-3 days. If you get dirty at work every day, wash your beard daily when you get home, and be sure to oil afterwards.

Mammoth Beard Wash


2. Brush it!

Brushing is one of the absolute healthiest things you can do for your beard. Brushing with boar bristle tames and shapes the hair, giving your beard a regal look and covering over blank spots. The scratchy bristles are great for getting down to the skin and removing dandruff, and they pull oils through the hair strand, giving them a natural shine and softness.

Brush your beard at least once every morning, but try to get in 5-10 minutes of repeated brushing in the evenings. This will keep your beard extra happy.

Mammoth Beard Comb

3. Oil it!

Oil is a must. Oiling your beard keeps it strong and hydrated, reducing split ends and making it easier to manage. By hydrating the hairs, you stop them from pulling much-needed oils away from your skin. Apply a beard oil daily after washing, and anytime you want a little extra softness or shine. Use it sparingly at first, until you figure out the right amount.

Beard Care with Mammoth Beard Oil

4. Shape it!

Finally, pay attention to your presentation. Beard hairs are coarse and unruly, so steps must be taken to keep them in check. Once you have brushed, washed and oiled your beard, apply a light coat of beard balm. This will lock in the moisture that you got from the oil, and help you style your beard. If you want extra definition, go for a strong-hold balm. The added lanolin will help stubborn hairs lay down all day long. Finally, give your beard a quick final brushing, and you’re ready to face the day!

How to care for your beard with Mammoth Beard Co.

Bonus points - Cologne

These days, choice of scent is a much overlooked aspect of one’s presentation. Although it doesn’t show up in photographs on Instagram, adding a fragrance to your presentation helps you stand out in real-life encounters. For men who are in the business world or seeking a mate, a good scent is icing on the personal-grooming cake. Our Sex & Cigars Cologne compliments our oils and balms of the same fragrance, and is truly irresistible. The travel-size tube can be thrown in a gym bag or jacket pocket and applied any time you need a  scent top-up.

Take pride in your beard. Chances are you’ve worked hard to grow it, so take the steps needed to keep it happy. A healthy beard gives you confidence, starts conversations, and most importantly - a good beard is badass.

- Written by Nathan Gareau of Kent of Inglewood & Knifewear

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